Is Medifast The most beneficial Food Substitute Diet program? 3 Good reasons Why We are saying Yes (& So Too Will You)

I have to admit that I’ve been receiving questions about this diet plan plan for a while and waited until now to write an article about it. The reason for this is partially because I don’t have any personal experience with the New Lifestyle eating plan. My experience lies with Medifast. However, after doing some research on the newer diet regime for a while, I’m going to offer some basic comparisons between the two diets in the following article.

Support / Counseling: One major difference in the two plans is the level of one on one support. Clarifying deciding upon necessary aspects in nutrisystem returns. Both plans offer weight loss counseling. But with Jenny Craig, your counselor is assigned. There are clinics throughout the country and you are encouraged to meet your counselor face to face once per week. You’ll also most likely pick up your food there. If you sign up for Jenny online, you can communicate via telephone.

Celebrity Endorsements: Both diets are endorsed by celebrities. Currently, Jenny Craig is promoted by Valerie Bertinelli and Queen Latifa. (Kirstie Alley used to promote it, but has since left the company.) Jillian Barberie and Marie Osmond are currently signed on with Nutrisystem. Danielle Fishel (from Boy meets World) and Tori Spelling used to promote it, but when Tori became pregnant for the second time, she signed off. This may just be me, but between the two, Nutrisystem seems more provocative with their advertising, parading Jillian Barberie around in a bikini to show off her results. Yes, Kirstie Alley did take a bathing suit walk on Oprah, but it was not nearly as revealing.

In all three research the food replacement diets exceeded the final results of classic low fat diets. In Dr. Rothacker’s study the outcomes had been virtually identical for the shake users and low calorie dieters as a result of the early stages with the diet plan. In the end of one year the story changed. The users of meal alternative shakes retained their weight loss, whilst other dieters regained their weight.

There are no wonder drugs, miracle berries on anything else which will make you lose weight permanently. Stop looking for the “magic pill” and get real.

These meal alternative shakes are often high in protein. This can be beneficial on a short term basis, but not so much if you continue on a diet program like this for a long period of time. Some people end up losing bone density or having issues with their kidneys and liver. With all of that being said, these diets are still effective; it’s just that you only want to stay on them for a limited amount of time.

Fad diets can be dangerous because they tend to be very low in calories, are limited to just a few foods, produce only short term, rapid weight loss, ignore the importance of physical activity, and increase risks for certain diseases or health complications. They also take the fun out of eating. Food is not the enemy; how you view food is the complication. If you don’t change your outlook on food, and how you manage food, all you are doing with a fad food plan is altering your metabolism for a short while, and making it easier to regain the weight after the diet has ceased. After all, you simply cannot live on just Slimfast for the rest of your life.

Eating protein is just part of losing weight, but it can be a very important aspect for success. It can help you to feel fuller and to build the muscle that’s important to having a trim figure and keeping your weight under control.

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